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Scientific programme

The conference will take place in Leipzig. The plenary session will be additionaly streamed and can thus be followed digitally. (this does not apply to the workshops).

The program consists of a plenary session and smaller workshops. The presentations are mainly in German. The presentations will be simultaneously translated by an interpreter and can be viewed digitally.

Please find the scientific programme here.

Main Programme Flyer


Manipulation/ mobilization of upper cervical joints

Dysfunction of LWs and pelvis

From findings to specific training

Clinical diagnostics for sciatica patients

Examination CMD

MM in multimodal complex therapy

Cervicothoracic transition and shoulder

Coordinative testing

Functional medicine - more than just a label (lectures and discussion)

Plenary sessions

Plenum 1 Conference theme "Manual dysfunction and pain" with the three subthemes:

  • The nature of segmental dysfunction (lecture will be simultaneously translated into German).  
  • New findings in pain research and their clinical relevance  
  • Evidence of manual medicine 

Further plenary sessions with the topics:

  • The painful dysfunction in clinical practice
  • Manual medicine in the cranial field
  • MM - active therapy, patient education and motivation

The International Academy of Musculoskeletal Manual Medicine (IAMMM) is invited to report on "clinical examination for radiculopathy".